“What if the purpose of life
is to have fun?”
Kass Thomas

Who is Kass?

Kass Thomas is a successful business entrepreneur, motivational speaker and empowerment coach. The depth and range of her life and career experiences inspires people to explore more choices and find the changes they are looking for. It is her mission in life to work towards strengthening this unity.

Fun, lively, anecdotal, and many times satirical, Kass’ eclectic style of humor is one of her strengths. Her simplistic, non-judgmental demeanor creates a safe space for many to express themselves with ease. She is a catalyst for multicultural inclusion. An unstoppable pioneer: when people say it can not be done it doesn’t stop her, she always finds solutions.

What if the purpose of life is to have fun?’ Kass lives by this question every single day, and inspires others to discover their unique brand of magic.

Thanks to her multi-ethnic background and multi-cultural lifestyle she has a universal approach to coaching and uses a variety of tools including those of Access Consciousness, the “7steps™ to Flawless Communication” and “Dancing with Riches” programs (both based on her best-selling books by the same title).
Kass believes there is so much more that unites us than separates us.

What makes her different?

Kass is...

  • originally from Boston, Massachusetts
  • has lived in New York City, Paris and Rome
  • works around the world with multiple visits to each continent
  • living in Rome, Italy for over 20 years
  • married to a handsome Italian Architect


  • Journalism, radio personality and host
  • Hospitality industry management and training
  • Theater, TV & cinema production and sales management
  • Music industry management
  • Conference host and organizer
  • Publishing agent and book distributor
  • Writer (2 books and co-author of 5 others)
  • Founder of 7steps Teacher’s Training Program based on her first book
  • Opened doors to Access Consciousness in Europe
  • Catalyst for launching of translations of Access in different languages
  • Coordination of book translations and publishing
  • International film & TV festivals founder, host and organizer
  • International sales rep for TV production company
  • LGBTQ+ community supporter
  • Founding member of International Global Black Caucus (GBC)
  • Fluent in English, Italian, French and dialogues in many other languages
  • Active in Tennis, Yoga, Singing, Acting and Culinary adventures

What a beautiful and strong connection with each other got established through these sessions.The programs I have done with Kass have been enriching, full of love, vulnerability, creation and transformation! I have personally received an “extraordinary fulfillment” in my life. She is a “common thread” weaving profound knowledge with practical and easy techniques that I was looking for. It is my “naive” way of expressing myself to acknowledge the strength she has been for my creations.

Teresa Vázquez - Mexico

Thank you for the great, great, great contribution you are to my life and living! So many amazing things showed up after your facilitations and my choices that came after that!

Tomás Sánchez - Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Kass Thomas uses the tools of Access Consciousness™ to create change, www.accessconsciousness.com